Most Kettering Businesses Get This Wrong - With Google My Business. Tips for our Local Kettering Businesses from The Best of Kettering.
26th January 2021
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Most Kettering Businesses Get This Wrong - With Google My Business

Tips for our Local Kettering Businesses from The Best of Kettering.

Things are changing.

And that’s why we are revisiting an early Top Tip as people, due to the events of the last 10 months or so, are more attuned to supporting local more than ever before.

This means that, just “Showing up” on Google nowadays isn’t good enough. Especially if you want to stand out from your competitors and gain more customers. Google have been marketing the importance of shopping local a lot recently – utilising the power of faces like Anthony Joshua and Sheridan Smith to get the messages across. Therefore, having a fully completed Google My Business listing is more important than ever before!

Around 50% of searches on Google are for local services*. Google includes GMB listings in searches for local services and Google gives a lot of prominence to these listings. Whatever you may think of Google, what they’re very focussed on is delivering high quality local results for the people that are searching (your potential customers) and that’s what Google My Business is all about.

But the majority of businesses just get a listing and do next to nothing with it – and they pay the price.

When done properly, it can increase your business’s visibility and subsequently generate a significant uplift in your web traffic – and it costs you nothing.

But be aware that just because you have a listing, doesn’t mean it’s “job done”. Make sure you have all the important things checked off to keep it optimised and positioning you in the best possible light – because if you don’t your competitors just might!

These are the 7 most important sections to get sorted and kept up to date…

Info & Description – Here you have the chance to tell people what makes you different to your competitors

Photos & Video – Bring your business to life and show your audience your premises, products, and the team

Question & Answers – Help people out and show them you know your stuff by answering their most common questions

Posts, Offers & Events – Generate phone calls, web visits and purchases by highlighting your current offer, promotions and events

Reviews – A real easy way to position yourself away from the competition – Who would you trust more? A business with 0 reviews or one with dozens of reviews?

Messaging & Bookings – Engage and communicate with your customers in real time to reduce the risk of them from talking to a competitor

Insights & Reports – Find out where your customers are coming from, when they call and what images and posts they engage with the most.

Keep on top of these areas and you’ll soon start to see an increase in traffic, enquiries and eventually sales.
And if you’d like some help and support getting your Google My Business sorted – properly(!) – then give us a shout.

*Hubspot 2020

If you would like more tips or help with marketing your business please give Stuart a call on 07976 654783 or email

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