Massage doesn't have to be restricted to an expensive spa weekend.
14th September 2020
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Massage doesn't have to be restricted to an expensive spa weekend.

You can get all the benefits of relaxation and pain relief locally in the Kettering area in less than an hour!


Often times when people think about getting a massage, they imagine it might be nice, but not really do anything to solve their pain problems.

So maybe some tablets from the GP?

Get some homework from a physiotherapist?

And a month later realise you're still suffering.

Here at Ehipassiko Massage, there is a middle way. Countless clients have left these doors amazed that they were able to move well again without having to 'suffer' the elbows and tools of a sports therapy treatment, or the nice but ultimately unsuccessful spa experience.

I strongly believe that you can get an effective, curative service for pain relief, with the comfortable atmosphere to keep you coming back without feeling like it's another painful chore!


There's no cut and paste treatment here. Using a combination of long strokes, kneading, and trigger point pressure, a customised service is exactly what you've been looking for. This can transform into slower and deeper levels of pressure as needed, and focuses on those parts of you that have been injured or overused.

Get in touch with Alex at Ehipassiko Massage, by calling him on 07591 196925 or click here for more details and check out some great reviews.


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