Local Tea & Coffee expert brings The Darjeeling Gimlet Recipe to Kettering.
29th November 2016
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The Darjeeling Gimlet Recipe


"Darjeeling tea is considered the Champagne of teas, with an extremely light and floral aroma,” explains William. “This works well with the balance of citrus and spice in the classic gimlet cocktail to produce a particularly delicate and aromatic take on this drink."

(An old Royal Navy drink with a modern twist thanks to Lewis & Nate of Merchant House bar)

The Royal Navy's sailors would no doubt have appreciated the change.



50ml Burleigh's or Warner’s Gin ( @ local gins)
25ml Darjeeling tea (@www.wellroastedcoffee.com)
20ml lime juice
1 teaspoon of white sugar

The Darjeeling is currently on offer so just click this darjeeling link to see it.


Shake all ingredients vigorously but briefly, packing in as much ice as will fit into the shaker.

Pour into a martini or similar glass and serve. Garnish with lime peel if you're feeling fancy.


At Merchant House bar in London, founders Lewis Hayes and Nate Brown have departed from the traditional gimlet recipe even more.

Their establishment celebrates London's rich mercantile history, especially when it comes to the spirits and spices brought to London over the centuries, so it’s perhaps no surprise that they've added a hint of a substance that the Brits imported like mad during the gimlet's early days – tea.

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