Kettering Business Owners - What is a CRM system?
1st August 2016
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Business Owners - What is a CRM system?

It stands for Customer Relationship Management System
A Customer Database:

At its most basic level a CRM system is a database, a digital filing system in which to store details of your customers, suppliers and business associates. You can even keep separate, but linked, records of businesses and the people that work for them.

Within each individual file you can record names and addresses, job titles, telephone numbers, email addresses, website details, communication options and much more. Once a file has been created, you are able to keep a record of all your interactions with that particular business or individual; information that can ultimately help you with sales, marketing, communications etc.


You can manually input details of any meetings, telephone calls, conversations or requests so that anyone viewing that particular record can easily see a history of engagement.

But not just a database…..
Once you have all your contacts uploaded, you then have a number of options available to help you with marketing and communication. Different CRM systems can offer slightly different options, but generally you can expect to:

  • Have the opportunity to send emails or newsletters and even texts to help keep communication alive. These can be sent to all contacts or just a certain group and can be scheduled to be sent at a time and date of your choice.
  • Have a built in calendar in which you can schedule meetings and send invites/reminders to the particular individuals.
  • Store files electronically against each file, either to keep them all in one place or so that you can attach them when sending emails.

One of the biggest plus points when using CRM is the ability to see just who has opened your email and, if you include a link through to a website, whether they have gone on to click on the link, ideal for targeting follow-up emails to just those people who need it.


In short, a CRM system offers the ideal opportunity for you to keep details of all your interactions with clients, suppliers, network groups and anyone else you deal with on a professional basis.
No more having to check things out with colleagues before you call someone or, worse still, contacting someone only to be told that they only spoke to someone in your office the day before.

If you need help deciding whether using a CRM system is right for you, or want to make the leap and need some help or guidance getting it off the ground, give us a call today on 01536 303304 or email to see just how we can help you.

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