How to save on your next MOT in Kettering.
29th July 2013
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How to save on your next MOT in Kettering.

Car need an MOT? What should you look out for and the best MOT centres in Kettering.

We all can have concerns when we take our cars for it's annual MOT!

It probably feels like waiting for a baby to be born (I think, not having had any)

Has it passed, is it all working, what could be wrong, is it expensive and I am sure much more will cross our minds while waiting for that MOT Test result.

I suppose the other thing that goes through our minds is am I being ripped off, is what they tell me correct? You do hear some very bad stories, in fact I could tell you one that involved my wife, but not now.

There are many good garages in Kettering doing MOT Tests, take a look at our list as I do know them all very well and have used them all over the last few years.

Like all businesses on the Best of Kettering I know them and they have been recommended to us by their customers.

Please use this MOT Test Centre link and have a look, give them a call and have a chat, they all have offers available so when you need a MOT try them.

Hope this is useful for you.

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