How about some great craft cider made locally in Kettering?
20th January 2021
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How about some great craft cider made locally in Kettering?

FREE Delivery on 3Litre box.

The Bad Boy Cider Company are making amazing deliberately cloudy single variety artisan Craft Cider and it's available just round the corner from Kettering (or they will deliver it to you).



The whole family are involved in making the cider with the project being led by Shawn, who wanted to produce a really good quality product using a premium British apple. Bad Boy Cider is deliberately cloudy, made using a single variety of “Dabinett” apples, one of the most versatile cider apples from Herefordshire.


As well as the 'Original' sparkling deliberately cloudy, Somerset style dry and slightly nutty craft cider, they produce an amazing range of fruit ciders.

Fruit Ciders are really popular at the moment and the range covers a taste for everyone!

Cherry, Rhubarb, Mango, Strawberry & Lime and Blackberry & Apple!

PLUS a new one BAD BITCH CIDER. Medium dry sparkling pink cider, one for the girls!



For more information and tasting notes plus how to order these locally produced craft ciders just click this link.

If your not sure which to have they do a taster pack with all flavours available - well worth a try!

You can email them here

Call Trudie on 07711 089 853 or visit the website here. 

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