Have you had a parking ticket in Kettering?
12th April 2016
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Have you had a parking ticket in Kettering?

Well I have had a couple and it is always really annoying, even when it's my fault!

It's just one of those expensive mistakes we make if we are parked either on the street or in a car park.

I have received one of these yellow invitations to pay a load of money on Charles Street and another in London Road car park.

I found this article on The Northants Telegraph website about where you are most likely to get a ticket in the county, these are the top ten places in Kettering where tickets were issued last year:
Kettering (all in Kettering town)

1) Market Place: 241

2) George Street: 142

3) Telford Way: 134

4) Montagu Street: 101

5) Silver Street: 73

6) Wellington Street: 67

7) Broadway: 60

8) Sheep Street: 53

9) The Drive: 47

10) School Lane: 45

If you want to have a look at the full article which covers Northampton, Corby and more places just click here to see it all.

Remember we are being watched when we park!

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