Going out in the evenings in Kettering?
16th June 2014
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Going out in the evenings in Kettering?

Well there has been a Task Force set up to help increase the local confidence in Kettering's night-time activities.

The council is taking a leading roll in this initiative and has given the plans to the Home Office Minister Norman Baker.

The council want Kettering to win a 'Purple Flag' status and for those, like me who haven't heard about this it is similar to the Green Flag syatem for parks.This involves the town centre having a good range of activities available along with the safe movement around the town.

The group have spoken to lots of town centre business owners to find out what improvements they would like to see in Kettering. Also they have looked at a number of streets to see what else can be improved in addition to the work that has already been carried out.

Kettering has some good nightlife and places to visit with top class pubs, restaurants and cafes and I am sure we would all like to see this develop even further.

This is an ongoing process and there will be quarterly updates on the progress to the minister and I hope to the people in Kettering.


If you are loking for some ideas of where to go try our 'a night out' link or this 'whats on' link.

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