Get Ready for the Barbecue Season.
25th June 2015
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Get Ready for the Barbecue Season.

Make the food the best it can be using your local skilled Kettering Butcher.

Coales Family Butchers in Hawthorne Rd Kettering can have it all prepared for you.

They make superb ranges of Barbecue meats ready for you to make summer eating out in the garden easy and fun.

We know that supermarkets do supply meats in sauces for the BBQ, but it is well worth giving the real thing a try now. All the products are made on the premises to their own recipes and what a range it is!

Prepared Kebabs.

Handmade Burgers in 6 different recipe flavours.

They have over 25 different types and flavours of sausages all made on the premises.

There are so many cuts of meat that can be right for BBQ cooking and Mark has prepared and supplied them all he can put together pretty much anything you want, just ask!

They also keep a fantastic range of Seasoned Pioneers spices and rubs plus prepared sauces that are perfect for marinating meats.

I know many people that would never use anything else so join the growing number of people in Kettering that are returning to the traditional butchers for great meat products and talk to someone who knows his trade well.

Call on 01536 512721 or click this Kettering butchers link for details.

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