Eskdaill Street in Kettering Improvement Works
24th October 2018
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Eskdaill Street in Kettering Improvement Works

Traffic conditions in Kettering are somewhat chaotic at the moment and will be until mid December.

Eskdaill Street is going to be made two-way for traffic.

Works will be carried out by Northamptonshire Highways and started in August and will take several weeks to complete.

I have been taking 10 minutes to get from the hospital to Montagu Street this week, i'm sure it will be worth it in the end but more hold up's will be the norm for the next 6 weeks or more.

The council say 'We are working together to ensure that local residents and businesses are aware of the works and to help understand any concerns people may have'.

Below is a map of the alterations.


It will be split into two phases, with the first set of roadworks starting on Monday, August 20. Phase one will see work on the junction of Rockingham Road and Eskdaill Street.

This phase will consist of temporary four-way traffic lights and temporary pedestrian crossings with lane closures in Eskdaill Street and will complete at Canon Street.

Phase two will see work on the junction of Eskdaill Street and Montagu Street. This phase will begin by closing Montagu Street westbound and Victoria Street, meaning there will be no access to Victoria Street from Montagu and Eskdaill Street during a period of about three weeks.

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