Do you like drinking great coffee at home?
19th September 2016
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Do you like drinking great coffee at home?

So where can you buy the best hand roasted coffee?

Well Roasted Coffee near Kettering is owned and run by William Scott who has had a passion for great coffee for many years.


The green coffee beans they use are very are carefully select from their coffee Importer, this allows him to keep track of the beans back to the region and in most cases to the actual farm.

When you buy the roasted coffee is supplied to you as whole beans so you can grind your own as required which helps with the freshness. If you prefer the coffee can also be supplied in one of three grinds: fine, medium and coarse'.

It is great to have the possibility of getting hand roasted coffee form the Kettering area delivered to your door just when you need it.


I have had several meetings with William and on each occasion I get to try a different roast and believe me they are very good!

William knows a lot about coffee so if you describe just what you like, he can usually produce it for you and as fresh as it can be.

Give him a call on 01536 601331 and have a talk about how you like your coffee, it will be worth it.

Click here to take a look at their website.


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