Buy Local Campaign in Kettering.
16th June 2014
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Buy Local Campaign in Kettering.

The Best of Kettering is running a 'Buy Local' campaign to encourage local people to buy from our local shops and businesses.

Local small businesses are the life blood of our economy and the more we use these the more they will grow and not dissapear!

Buying local means taking a look at just what our local shops are offering, great butchers, superb retailers, food shops, fruit and veg plus so many more.

It is so easy to just get everthing you want from the supermarket but it is so worth while looking in our local independent shops. The quality can be amazing with products not always available in the large multiples, or indeed on-line!

At The Best of Kettering we want to support independent businesses wheather they are a client or not, we are running our summer campaign to encourage as many local people as possible to use local businesses, after all that is what we do.

We are getting our 'Buy Local' stickers in as many places as possible, the more the message is seen hopefully it will start a revolution in our town towards changing our shopping habits.

If you would like to help support our independent businesses please just sign up with us here and leave a recommendation for a great local business. If you like a business that is represented on the site please just leave a great review for them so other locals can see how good they are.

Thanks for supporting all our really great local businesses.

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