Buy Local Campaign in Kettering.
1st September 2015
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Campaign to 'Buy Local' in Kettering.


If I was to ask any resident of Kettering what they thought about the town and its facilities, I'm pretty confident that they would be very proud and grateful to be living here. Not surprising really - its a great market town with great history, great traditions and (mostly!) lovely people!

And although I have nothing against shopping at the big nationals occasionally (we all do it for convenience), I prefer to shop with our local businesses wherever possible because they're different, you usually get a much more personal and friendlier service, and yes, I know I'm supporting local businesses, some of which have traded in the town for generations.

That's what makes our town so great - the traditions which would be so devastating if they were forgotten and lost to the large national companies.


The Bestof Kettering will once again be campaigning to gently remind people of those traditions and encouraging them to also support our great local independent businesses who have served us so well over the years.

Review or recommend your favourite Kettering budinesses.

Those reviews which are published on line are such a help to those businesses who rely on you talking about your experiences and the service you've received and sharing your views for others to see. It gives them a fantastic boost to find new customers and of course they love and appreciate reading your comments.

You can always give a review (writing a few lines about who and why you think they're so great) either by filling out a review card in the shop/business, or by searching for your favourite businesses on The Bestof Kettering website and then leaving your comments and details on the 'Leave a Review' tab.

It's really very easy to do. And if you are reading this, you have probably already registered with us (which will save time), and you can complete the task in literally just a few minutes! Oh, and if you can't find a particular business on the site, please RECOMMEND them to us so we can get them involved too.

Please support the campaign and vote for your great Kettering local traders by filling out loads of review cards or by going online and leaving your comments. Of course the more reviews you write, the more chances you'll have of winning those daily £100 vouchers!

Look out for the businesses we support and please let's help our great local businesses that keep Kettering alive.

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