B2B marketing in Kettering - our vision.
5th May 2015
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B2B marketing in Kettering - our vision.

Today I was discussing thebestof Kettering with a local business owner that I felt was familiar with my business. All was going well until it was pointed out that they felt that thebestof Kettering was more focused at the B2C market place. Though frustrating that this was thought to be the case it did also amuse me a little as in the past I have met with B2C business owners that have said they feel that I offer a predominantly B2B service.

Is thebestof Kettering B2B or B2C?

It can be thought that thebestof Kettering is B2B or B2C depending on your business in Kettering. This is because of my vision for thebestof and trying to maintain a balance so at anyone time there may be a slight favour to the other side of the coin.

If you look at the types of businesses we current help promote via thebestof Kettering you will find a mix of business services, tradesmen, retailers and a hint of health service providers. The types of businesses we seek out are not always the easiest to find as they need to be held in high regard by their customers or other business owners.

How do we know they are worthy?

Like everything in this world if you hold it under a microscope you will be able to identify some imperfection. So I try to avoid placing this much scrutiny on a business applying for membership with me. Why do I allow this? I try to identify that the business has potential that that in working together they will benefit from the support they can receive from thebestof and myself. After all thebestof Kettering is not an accreditation or monitoring service. Customers can freely leave feedback good, bad or otherwise and though we will investigate negative comments should we receive overwhelming negative feedback or complaints membership will be reviewed and if we do not feel the situation could be improved membership will be terminated.

What is my vision for thebestof Kettering?

Since day one I have wanted to create a supply chain of TRUSTED local businesses both B2B and B2C. Working towards making Kettering the BEST place to do business in Northants!

Just some of our B2B members benefits

Marketing Workshops
Speaking Opportunities
Brand Authority
Social Proof
Connections to B2C Businesses Owners
Participate in Buy Local and other Campaigns

Will you help thebestof Kettering?

If you recommend a business to us you will be entered into thebestof's £100 monthly prize draw but more importantly you will be helping grow what is seen by many as the perfect source of all things local in Kettering!

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