Are you thinking of making your home or business secure in the Kettering area?
11th September 2017
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Are you thinking of making your home or business secure in the Kettering area?

Amazing, simple, affordable, 24/7 and monitored security systems - All In One App, installed for you in the Kettering and Northamptonshire area.

How about having your home or business secured from your phone?


It's now easy with Soteria UK, your local, reliable and trusted provider.

You can also control your home utilities, lighting and heating at the touch of a button, making your environment perfect for when you get up in a morning or return home from work.
If your alarm is activated for any reason you can be in control wherever you are and seeing on your phone just what is happening.

This system is also useful if you have elderly relatives at home and you are put. The system will tell you that they are moving around the house as and when they should be, if not you will know about it and can take action to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

This all sounds expensive however Soteria offers different levels of automation that is all very affordable, simple to use and with no hidden charges or surprises.

Soteria are a local family run business that really care and being local to the Kettering and Northants area they can respond with help and support very rapidly.


If you would like to hear more about how all this works, just click here or call Andy on 01536 214223

Plus at the moment if you book a security survey they are giving you a £100 voucher.
You can click here to request one now.

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