Another Great day at The Yards in Kettering.
9th December 2015
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Another Great day at The Yards in Kettering.

Small Business Saturday helped at The Yards.

Last Saturday The Yards was really busy, not only down to small business Saturday but they helped out when the windy weather played havoc with the Teenage Market.

 A number of enthusiastic teens sold their products from The Yards, this shows the spirit that is being shown buy all involved in the run up to Christmas.

If you haven't been down there yet, go now!

 There is so much to see and if you are looking for unusual or even normal Christmas presents, this is where you can find them.

There are so many small businesses in there selling amazing products, the things you will not see anywhere else, just have a look the next time you in town.

 This is a link to The Yards Facebook so you can see the latest news.

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