Workship created and led by Francine Kaye - What Every Woman should Know about Successful Relationships.
17th February 2011
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What Every Woman should Know about Successful Relationships.

A not to be missed workshop created and led by Francine Kaye - Britain's leading Relationship Coach and TV Expert and Author of 'Time to Live' and 'The Divorce Doctor'.

On Saturday, 19th March from 10am to 4.30pm.  Registration 9.30am at:  My Hotel, Chelsea, 35 Ixworth Place, London, SW3 3QX.

The Role You Play in Your Relationships - This is extraordinary!  Join Francine on a fascinating journey of self-discovery to find out what you do, why you do it and how you unconsciously influence what you receive in relationship.

Your Rules for Relationship - This one step could transform your entire ability to have a loving present or future relationship.

How to Eliminate the Drama from your Relationship - This startling skill will show you how you re-create the past in present relationships.

Miracle Communication Skills reate More Love and less Conflict

Listen - So your partner will speak.  Everyone know's it's important to be heard.  Even men who say very tittle will open up easily using this simple Strategy.

Speak so your Partner will Listen -   Of course, you know that 'Men are from Mars', but wouldn't it be amazing if your partner truly understood you?  Without a doubt, this is the most powerful skill I have ever used to sty connected and keep communication alive.


Book now - Places are Limited!  Tickets only £65.00! (paypal payments are accepted on-line)

or for more info telephone Francine on:  0208 416 0121.


Are you in a relationship and want to improve it?  Are you ready to find your Mr Right?  Don't you deserve to have the skills and strategies you need for Ultimate Relationship Bliss?  Yes?  Then this lmay be the MOST IMPORTANT invitation you may ever receive!


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