What a great service!
11th November 2010
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What a great service!

My role running The Best of Kensington and Chelsea is to promote my customers at every given opportunity, to spread the word both on-line and offline.   Sometimes I come across a business that provides an amazing service and I am compelled to sing their praises and shout about them, despite the fact that they are not one of my customers or showcased on my site.  During these current difficult times there’s a lot of negativity going around and it feels good to have something positive to say and give credit where credit is indeed due.  So here is my story.

I could not find a local recommended electrician to sort out the electrics in my flat of which I was convinced could have become highly dangerous.  There were light bulbs exploding from four separate light fittings over the last two months.  Either it was my dad, (who had passed away over a decade ago), playing one of his practical jokes on me, or there was something seriously wrong with the wiring and electrics in the flat.  Whilst it was comforting to think that my dad may have been around, it was also extremely irritating, could have been dangerous and costing me a fortune in light bulbs!

I decided I had to get it sorted and came across www.serviceteam.co.uk  on Google.  Their website looks the business and I was re-assured to see that they supply fully qualified electricians.    I gave them a ring and spoke to Edina from customer services  who was extremely helpful.  She asked me about the problem, explained how their pricing works, (very reasonable), and said she would get back to me.  She called a little later and had arranged for electrician, Jeff to be at mine the following day between 4pm and 6pm.  This was confirmed by Serviceteam to me by text and e-mail.

Jeff the Electrician turned up the next day in the allocated time slot.  Within an hour and a half he had managed to sort out the problem and fix four new fittings for me.  He also managed to get a couple of other lights going which had died a couple of years back.  He was professional and nice with it and showed and explained to me what he had found and what was wrong.    I was so impressed with the overall service that I took another look at their website to discover that Serviceteam are a complete home and business maintenance company offering highly experienced professional tradespeople for every job from plumbers, gas engineers, electricians, gardeners, painters and decorators and much more.  I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again!

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