The Cross Keys Chelsea, Restaurant Review
13th August 2010
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The Cross Keys, Restaurant Review

For several years whilst owning my own magazine PQ International, I have enjoyed doing restaurant reviews. These covered not only in London, but outside in the home counties and abroad.

Now on behalf of Thebestof Kensington and Chelsea I will enjoy the opportunity to visit the many excellent restaurants in the area.  I have always felt that to write negative reviews is not really helpful to most customers and does put a blight on restaurateurs that maybe having a bad day with the kitchen and can be very damaging to a business in these difficult times.  I feel it’s so much more constructive to write about those hostelries that I have particularly enjoyed going to and would no doubt return to.

One such is the Cross Keys, a delightful pub and restaurant in Lawrence Street Chelsea.  More or less a stones throw from Kings Road one end and the Thames the other.

The pub part is a quite cozy with comfortable sofa's and a large open window in Summer giving plenty of fresh air and for the smokers to communicate with their friends inside.

The restaurant is much larger than the pub and was busy from about 8pm when most tables were filled. The menu was not huge, but what there was looked very inviting.  However, two of us chose the fillet of beef which proved to be the best steak I have tasted in a long time. Cooked to perfection, succulent and well worth every penny of the £21.00,  the most expensive dish on the menu.  Another friend chose the barbecued chicken which had been marinated with herbs and spices and proved to be a winner.  We shared the vegetables of fresh spinach, beans and a pouch of slender crisp fries.

Plenty of good wine to choose from and excellent service made this venue a very worthy quote Arnie, 'I shall be back'.

  See The Cross Keys website:   

   Tel:  020 7349 9111

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