Strictly Come Dancing
6th October 2009
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Strictly Come Dancing is back for a seventh series.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records Strictly is the world's most successful reality TV format and The BBC has sold the show to 38 countries around the world.

Are you hooked on watching Strictly Come Dancing?  Are you passionate about dancing and watch the programme in awe thinking you would love to learn to dance given the opportunity?  Well you can!  The Best of Kensington and Chelsea features Simply Dancing Partners and classes take place all over London. 

The beauty of learnng to dance with Simply Dancing Partners is that they provide experienced dancing partners so you never need to worry about turning up alone!  Ladies will be guaranteed male partners who are trained so that they can help guide them through the steps.  Men will be partnered by a girl from their team of experienced dancers.  It does not take long to master routines and basic steps and to learn how to lead.  Guaranteed partners are almost unique among dance schools that offer classes in Kensington and Chelsea and all over London. 

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