Stress Reduction and the DeRose Method, London
16th October 2010
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Article from Sonia Ferreira of the DeRose Method, South Kensington London


90% of those who practice DeRose Method feel the effect of stress reduction in the very first well-given session they experience!
Stress is the psycho-organic state produced by the gap between ones potential and the challenge that needs to be faced to achieve this. To manage it, the DeRose Method does not limit itself to relaxation, rather it raises energy, thus increasing ones potential and making it possible to face the challenge from top to bottom.
Stress in itself is not a bad thing. Without it, human beings would be vulnerable and would not be able to fight, work or create the necessary aggressiveness for survival.  What is bad, however, is the excess of stress and the lack of control over it.
The DeRose Method has an efficient resource for reducing stress to a healthy level. For this reason many business professionals, lawyers, executives, politicians, artists and free-lancers seek, in our method, both an extra dose of energy and control over stress.

DeRose Method TIP OF THE WEEK: Breath!

The abdomen is the first part of the body one tenses when they are stressed. In order to manage and reduce stress take deep breaths expanding your abdomen each time. Avoiding at all costs inhaling or exhaling through the mouth.

Ps. Substances that contain caffeine will make your stress level higher


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