Palecek Principles Run Workshops in October and November
5th October 2010
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 Article from Sonia of Palecek Principles on her October and November Workshops

Are you a busy person always on the go?
Busy mum, busy at work, running a business, man, woman or a teenager….

Do you feel that if you only had more energy, more time and discipline you could stick to a simple daily routine, which
would enhance your lifestyle at least somewhat?

Imagine…being able to get yourself out of aches & pains that are now settling in after the holidays are over.
Imagine…waking up and feeling that despite the grey weather and rain you are unstoppable.
Imagine… being complemented on how well you look!

Would that make you feel empowered and ecstatic?

As a result of my research and study of a holistic approach to life I am now ready to reveal my new methods and principles
with all of you. My own personal journey has been so rewarding that I am absolutely bursting to share it with you.
(Thanks to all of you who have taken part in my recent survey which was so helpful, I am truly grateful.)

I have created 3 workshops which will embody the main areas of health, fitness and lifestyle designed to get
you back into your power -  that feeling that you have when everything flows and you feel on top of the world –
driven, passionate, healthy, sexy, lean and positive.

I would therefore like to invite you to my workshops running this October and November in Chelsea, SW3:


Workshop 1 – Power Poise & Flexibility, 14 October 2010
Here I will demonstrate how posture alignment can make you grow taller, slimmer and younger, adding instant youth
and confidence. This is especially relevant for those of you who sit at a desk or in a car for long periods. You need to
work your spine in all directions to keep it flexible. Youthfulness can be judged as how supple your spine is. With long
hours seated we lose function. This is also true for mothers who hold their baby on one side. All of that depresses the
organs, makes you feel low and look older.
Come away with tips that you can put into practice right away!

Workshop 2 – Lean Mean Body Machine, 21 October 2010
In this second workshop, I will provide insight on the incredible power of raw living foods and superfoods.
This does not mean you will be advised to not consume meat!!! Let’s look at myth on diary, wheat, even spinach and
then you can make an informed decision on what enters your ‘temple’.
Furthermore I will explain how diet and hydration can bring about energetic rejuvenation: The body naturally wants to be slim,
but the things we feed it, like highly acidic, over processed foods as well as those high in sugar, often work against it and make
us hungry because we’re not giving it nutrients. When the body gets what it really craves, we can be lean and have more energy.
Exercise – aerobic, anaerobic, muscle bulk, ‘can I just do Pilates/yoga and stay slim and fit? All of those questions will be answered
and again – you will have plenty to put into practice – immediately!!

Workshop 3 – Power To A Lasting Change, 4 November 2010
I am particularly excited about this third workshop. This approach has changed my life – for good - forever!!
I will demonstrate how you can raise your self-awareness and switch to a more positive mind-set by letting go of self-criticism and
embracing your innate power. Lack of motivation, time, discipline and procrastination are the daily challenges for which I will reveal
simple techniques to combat.  
Just imagine never having to go on any diet ever again!
Or to feel that being fit and lean is a privilege of those with good genes and personal trainers.
 “Happiness and success in life are not the result of what we have, but rather of how we live” …Deepak Chopra
ALL Workshops are held at The Kensington & Chelsea Conservative Association, 1A Chelsea Manor Street, SW3 5RP
Thursdays 14th,  21st October & 4th November 2010
Registration* from 7.00 – 7.15pm
Start and finish: 7.30 – 9.00pm
*Registration process is about 10mins. We are expecting a last minute rush, hence we recommend you to come early to
 register in order for the event to start punctually
Each event is priced at £49 but tickets are available for £9 for one or £15 for all three by going online and entering the code
SPPA16 at

Book early as places are limited.
For more information please either email or call on 020 3468 6975.



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