New Gym opens on Dawes Road, Fulham
18th August 2009
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Wayne Leal opens new gym on Dawes Road, Fulham. 

Wayne hopes to attract overweight people who want to make a changes but who are lacking the confidence to exercise in front of others in a gym.

BodyGym will offer drop-in sessions for two hours every day, where people on low incomes can get expert advise about fitness and nutrition, either free or on a pay what you can basis.

Born and bred in Fulham, Wayne couldn't be more tied into the community.  He feels there are not enough home grown people who know the area and people intimately, and wants to give something back into the community.

One of the studio's main features is a fitness machine called the V-Mat which was invented by Wayne.  It works as a vibrating platform which promises to give people of all fitness levels a good workout in just 30 minutes.  The vibrations generated by the mat cause the muscles in the body to react, intensifying workouts and yoga sessions, making joints more flexible.

BodyGym is due to open in six weeks.  For more info visit Wayne's website.

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