Maremoto, Kings Road Restaurant Review
15th January 2011
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                              MareMoto Restaurant Review from Andria Dorler

MareMoto is an Italian restaurant with a difference. It's innovative in its concept and has an excellent menu with a refreshing approach, a lively bar and a night club downstairs.

The menu has many of the well known dishes that one would expect to find on the menu in an Italian restaurant , but there are some very tasty dishes that could be described as international, and which my friends and I found to be delicious.

Situated at the Fulham end of Kings Road and nestles between the antique shops. However, you cannot miss the restaurant with its raised terrace lit up with attractive blue lights, and which in winter is heated. The terrace is separated from the main restaurant by a glass partition and is popular with smokers..

The bar gets very busy and has a great atmosphere and is cleverly separated from the dining area by a decorative panel thru which diners can still see the entire restaurant, but is just far enough away to preserve the buzz without imposing on conversations.  For the night owls there is the club downstairs where if you wish, you can dance the night away..  

Regarding the food, my friends and I tried various dishes to start, and the fresh lobster salad with avocado in a crispy file basket, beef carpaccio, and an excellent risotto... according to a devotee, were  met with enthusiastic approval.!

For the mains, the sea bass coated with herbs and served with fresh spinach and slender slices of crispy corgettes as thin as an old penny, were for me a perfect choice.

MareMoto has become THE trendy spot in Kings Road and very popular, so booking is essential at weekends.

Patron/Manager Luigi whose warm and friendly welcome and whose attention to his customers, is an example of how years of being a successful restauranteur not only in the UK, but also America , is if you can forgive the 'pun', the proof in the pudding!


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