Business: Turn your email signature into a marketing machine
10th October 2010
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About 80% of the business owners reading this article will use an email signature but only 5% of those people will use it as a marketing tool.

When your signature goes at the bottom of each and every email that you send out, just think of the additional reach that you could get by making it really work for you.

Use your email signature to drive sales.

A normal email signature looks something like this:

Tamsin Fox-Davies
Marketing Mentor
Enthuse Marketing
tel: 0207 127 4658 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              0207 127 4658      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Maybe a logo and a web address are included if you’re lucky.

As it is likely that the person you’re already emailing has your phone number, and they can get your email address by reading the “from” field at the top of the email, this standard signature doesn’t really give a lot of information away.

Here’s what my current email signature looks like:

Let me break down for you the reasons why this works:

  • all my basic contact info is there in case it’s needed
  • I’ve included links to my 3 main social media profiles as I make a point of connecting with people via social media and this is a key communication channel for me
  • there’s an invitation to get something for free (this newsletter) and I tell people specifically what it is “free weekly marketing tips” and how to get it “click here”.
  • my next event is listed with booking link and an event precis.

So, even if the recipient of my email doesn’t want to take action on any of those items, they will know that

  • I welcome communication through multiple channels
  • I am active in social media
  • I walk my talk and give away free marketing info every week, which also means I’m a prolific creator
  • that I run a range of events, so I am a versatile and experienced trainer.

Not bad for one measly email signature, huh?

“But wait! There’s more!” (Cue cheezy American voiceover)

You could add any of the following items to your email signature for extra marketing punch:

  • include one or more client testimonials
  • links to your latest press cuttings
  • direct people to your blog for your latest news and comment
  • promote a special offer
  • let people know you’re recruiting
  • tell folks about the award you just entered and request their vote
  • tell them about the award you just won
  • direct readers to your portfolio or client case studies
  • include a list of your highest profile clients
  • send them to your youtube page
  • make a request for survey responses

There’s a whole lot more that could go in this list but I think that’s plenty to get you thinking.

I’d love to see what you do with your email signatures after this, so go ahead and post your new signature on my blog (don’t include your email or mobile number though, we don’t want you getting spammed!)

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