Breathe New Life Into Your Relationship
24th February 2012
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It doesn't matter if you're married or dating, spicing up any relationship is as easy as breathing...

Warning: This is going to look too simple, but... this tonight and watch the impact it has :)


This is taken directly from our NEW Couples Yoga:

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Here's how to do it...


Step 1. Sit on the floor together, back to back with your spouse or partner.

(If necessary) Place a cushion under your pelvis


Step 2. Have the hands resting on your lap. (your own lap :)


Step 3. Close your eyes, and breathe.


Here's the key...

While you're breathing notice the pattern & rhythm, of your breath.

After 5-10 deep breaths you'll begin to feel a new comfort wash through your body... 

...when that happens gradually shift your awareness to your partners' breathing.

The final step...

Slowly synchronize your breathing with your partner.


This simple exercise brings a special connectedness and creates what we call a "shared" breath.

Our NEW couples Yoga program allows you to connect with your partner faster and in a more embodied way. And it begins on your very first session because...

There are 12 other exercises done rhythmically that create that deep connection. 

This is your time to grow closer.

This is your time to enjoy each other.

This is your time to breathe new life into your relationship!


Call today and let us help you spice up your relationship...

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