4 ways to get yourself out there using other peoples blogs
11th November 2010
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If you’ve ever tried to get press coverage, you’ll know that it’s not exactly easy (unless you’re a PR pro).

However, you also probably know that getting good editorial coverage (that’s PR speak for an article or mention in a publication) is marketing gold dust. This is why PR companies can, quite rightly, charge a lot of money for what they do.

So, how would it be if I told you that there was another easier, cheaper, and quicker way to get a similar type of exposure?

Interested? Well, keep reading to find out how.

this week’s tip: leverage other people’s blogs

A blog is basically a website with frequently updated content, and that means that blog owners are constantly having to come up with new stuff to publish.

As blogs are becoming a more and more popular way of sharing information there is a fabulous opportunity here for you.

What you can do is get yourself onto other people’s blogs by offering the blog owner some good content (please note the use of the word ‘good’ there!).

This content could be in the form of an article, a book review, a comment or testimonial, a top tip, or anything that the blog’s audience will be interested in.

However, you can’t just call someone out of the blue and ask them to publish your content on their blog, unless you already have a good relationship with them. So here’s 4 different ways that you can get your content (and your name and website URL up there:

1. Respond to requests for content (whether a direct request or call-out via a wider forum).

2. Make the offer first. Most people will reciprocate if you offer them something really good, like the opportunity to put themselves in front of your community of readers.

3. Become a commentator. I read every one of the comments I get on my blog. If you become a regular commentator and give useful insight, the blog owner will get to know you, and then you can ask to be a guest author once you’ve built up some trust with them.

4. Submit your articles to article directories. This is where you put your content out there for other people to pick up and use in their newsletters or on their sites.

I’m sure you can get one or more of these to work for you.

Post your successes on my blog and I’ll check out every link.

If you want to see some of the blogs that I’ve been featured on, have a look at the ‘where’s Tam’ section above.

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