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Durrell is a Jersey Charity that is famous for it's work in conservation and relies upon the support of the public to continue this important task.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Founded in 1963 by well known British author and naturalist Gerald Durrell with a mission to "Save Endangered Species from Extinction" Durrell as we are known has pulled back from the brink the Mauritius' kestrel, pink pigeon, echo parakeet, round island flora and reptiles, Assam pygmy hog, St Lucia whiptail lizard, Mallorcan midwife toad amonst other species.

Our conservation programme now contains over 50 projects working with 36 critically endangered species in 16 countries, with the aim of halting their decline before they reach the desperate situation of a few remaining individuals.

We target our activities on areas of the world with high numbers of endemic species and employ a wide range of tools starting with baseline research into the ecology and distribution of a species, to captive breeding if necessary and community based education. Our programme provides a single link between the skills of our staff working with our animal collections in Jersey to the field projects around the world.

Since 1977, we have been training conservationists from around the world in the theory and practice of endangered species recovery at our International Training Centre (ITC) located within the Les Noyers manor complex adjacent to the animal collection at the Trust's headquarters in Jersey. To date, over 1700 students have graduated from the training programme from more than 120 countries. We currently run a range of courses designed primarily for conservation practitioners working in the world's most biodiversity-rich countries.

An important factor in the success of our projects is Durrell long term commitment, saving species takes time and securing their future and that of the habitat in which they live even longer. Without the fantastic support of our visitors, Trust members, animal adoptors and generous individual and corporate donors we would not be able to talk proudly of our great sucess stories nor would not be the globally respected organisation we are today.

If you would like to help us do even more to "Save Species from Extinction" please visit our website or better still come along to Trinity in person and see the species we work with and learn about the projects we run around the world .





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Durrell is a wonderful organisation that does great work saving endangered species. With fewer visitors their income is under pressure so we should all do whatever we can to help support them.
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