Silkworth Lodge
  • 6 Vauxhall Street
    St Helier
    JE2 4TJ
Silkworth Lodge is a Jersey registered charity helping support people with drug and alcohol problems.

Silkworth Lodge (formerly Jersey Addiction Group) was formed in 2002 and is part of the Families in Recovery Trust, which was established in 1995 to support people with drug and alcohol problems and their families. We are a States of Jersey registered charity.

Our Primary Rehabilitation Programme in Silkworth Lodge offers an 8-12 week course based on the 12 Step programme of recovery and complementary therapies.The house can accommodate up to 12 residents.

Residents live as part of a safe and secure community and along with other residents share responsibility with the staff for the smooth running of the house.

The treatment programme is structured and consists of group therapy, individual counselling and assignments. Individual treatment plans are developed and include work on issues such as how the effect substance misuse has effected their lives and relationships and working on issues underlying the substance misuse.

Silkworth Lodge also runs a weekly family programme that focuses on giving support and healing to the family as a whole.

Recovery is achieved by the provision of a caring, safe environment where individuals are readily integrated into the programme.The programme is tailored to individual needs and there is a full consultation with residents and other involved professionals.

Although some beds are part-funded by the States of Jersey, Silkworth Lodge is dependant upon donations from the public, in order for us to continue to offer it services to the people of Jersey. Addiction to drugs and alcohol wreaks havoc on not only the sufferer but their families and society at large, therefore, all islanders can benefit to some degree from the work and dedication of Silkworth Lodge.


If anyone thinks they may have a problem or if you are affected by someone else's addiction then please call us and arrange to chat with a counsellor.

 We are here to help.

Tel 01534 729060 or e-mail

For more information please refer to our website


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