Even Radiators Need TLC - Power Flushing can Help
3rd December 2015
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Even radiators need some TLC!

As winter digs in and we huddle round the radiators for warmth it is worth thinking about when was the last time that the household radiators were given a service? Most people take them for granted, they get warm, end of story.

Any system that has tubes and pipes is subject to accumulations of gunge in the pipelines, just like the family car radiator the system needs to be flushed out every now and then, so does the central heating system. And, as with the family car, performance will improve.

It is recommended that every radiator based central heating system should be purged and thoroughly cleaned out from time to time.

Radiators contain not water but special fluid containing rust inhibitors. Some solids from the fluid can accumulate inside the radiators and pipework slowing down the throughput of liquids and causing a less effective output with cool radiators and wear and tear on pumps, and boilers. If this happens people may not realise what is happening and simply turn up the thermostat in order to have warm rooms.


So what can I do about it?

Power Flushing is strongly recommended.

Using the excellent Kamco products Chris Doyle, of C G Doyle Plumbing Services recommends power flushing. The process includes the use of high velocity and low pressure water to purge the entire system, pipework and radiators. This system avoids damaging radiators and sealing glands but will flush out the sediments leaving the interior clean and clear throughout. By purging with Kamco products the output from the radiators will increase and thereby the need to turn up the thermostat will be removed andthat means a saving of around 20% on the energy bill. On top of that the lifespan of the system including pumps, radiators etc., will be increased. Because there is less wear and tear caused by a part or wholly blocked system the need for replacement equipment will be reduced also thereby extending the life of the whole central heating system. In addition, radiators that tended to be cool will be nice and warm again, unless there is another underlying problem in which case you will now know that all is not well.

Is it expensive?

As with most remedial work the greater cost is to ignore the problem in the hope that it will go away, or cure itself, it won’t! Regular maintenance is always cost effective.

C G Doyle offer a full range of Plumbing Services, either proactive maintenance to look after the health of Central Heating system and household plumbing or responding to a crisis caused by something going badly wrong. At this time of year everybody needs to be kept warm, have hot baths and so on. Please, don’t wait for things to malfunction, act in plenty of time. Pick up the telephone and giveC G Doyle Plumbing Services a ring and ask for help, you can be assured of a friendly reception and god honest, sound, advice.

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