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For the RAC, cars not starting is the biggest breakdown problem they face, however, the organisation suggests how car owners can fix a number of simple faults - saving a lengthy wait.
Just miles away from one of the poorest places on the planet, the rich and famous enjoy five star luxury and designer shops
A friend of mine recently had to spent alot of time trying to sort out a problem with his broadband. He ended up spending over two hours on the phone and got no where.
What makes people act in completely irrational ways without any provocation when they sit behind the wheel of a car?
Are the new Bus Lanes a 'waste of time' or will this be a benefit for road users and save time on journeys?
A weekend visit to the Great Northern Retail Park on Leeds Road in Huddersfield is a nightmare. The traffic management system, and the layout of the car park simply don't work effectively. Enter the car park when busy, and queue for an hour to get out!
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