The House Dust Mite
1st October 2013
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Did you know that the House Dust Mite population peaks from December through to March – obvious reasons being that they thrive in warm snugly carpets, heat homes and secure windows.  Here is the disgusting bit – they thrive on human skin and that is one of the main reason for them thriving in our beds and soft furnishings!  Having itchy eyes, sneezes and eczema could all be the result of the dust mite because humans become allergic to the protein in the dust mites faeces.  The life cycle from egg to adult is just 30 days –  in just one gram of dust there could be as many as 30,000 mites. Normal  domestic vacuum cleaners don’t often remove the dust mite because they burrow deep into carpet piles with their sucking like pads on their  feet.

Having you carpet cleaned professionally will help get rid of them and then ensuring the carpets are vacuumed regularly is vital. There is the fantastic new product called Max Germ Fibre Shield which  RPC Cleaning Services are accredited Service agents for. This product is proven to eliminate the dust mite.  This product creates a safe and invisible stain resistant barrier that naturally repels water, increase carpet life. The benefits are it can kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria for up to 12 months!

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