Reach and Wash?
9th July 2015
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As a professional window cleaning company based in Chiswick London, we use the Reach and Wash window cleaning system for domestic and commercial properties.  

This method of cleaning is a great system as it washes windows using a pole with jets of pure water fed through to its specially designed soft brush/bristles at the end. PURE filtered water is used without any cleaning detergents or chemicals - hence the reason it is envronmentally friendly. Impurities such as limestone and nitrates are normally present in water which is why filtered water is used. By using purified water which  is capable of absorbing other impurities and when applied to a dirty surface is beneficial.  

For more information about our window cleaning services and the Reach & Wash system, please visit our website or Call RPC Cleaning Services on 020 8994 4778 for a quote.

We  like to help businesses to look good!

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