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Works hard to replace animals in experiments with reliable alternatives. Such a worthy business/charity.
They work to find non animal models for the purpose of life saving science, research that involves animal testing is extremely cruel and the Dr Hadwen Trust work hard to abolish this in science without the compromise of research. They also give money to fund people early in their science career to enable them to carry out important science which would not otherwise be possible!
Their amazing research work that replaces animal testing with more humane, accurate alternatives.
They are a forward thinking charity, way ahead of the scientific community in general. They are an honest, trustworthy charity. I just wish they had more support - they certainly deserve it! I have bought good quality goods from their online shop, and I recommend them to anyone who loves animals, believes in humane research, and is looking for a really good charity to support.
It's a win-win organisation - funding medical research without animal testing.. So it's helping people and saving animals at the same time - what could be better than that?!
i love that dr hadwen trust care so much about animals. dr hadwen trust invest their resouces into alternative methods which will hopefully one day end the shameful practice of experimenting on animals.
Dr Hadwen is the UK's leading non-animal research charity - helping save animals from suffering and people from disease. What could be better? They believe that the best way forward in medical research is to replace the use of animals and advance more humane and relevant science. They deserve a lot of love!
The Dr Hadwen Trust are pioneers in the medical research that they do but WITHOUT using animals. They have made advances in many extremely important areas and also con tinue to develop new ways in which to conduct research. In many ways they are the unsung heroes of the research world, the average person probably won't have heard of them but they have made so much progress in medical science over the years and whilst doing so have saved millions of beautiful animal's lives.
The Dr Hadwen Trust really cares about animals used in medical research. Many people think that if it saves lives, animals should be used and abused for medical purposes. However Dr Hadwen brings the plight of these animals to our attention, and develops cruelty-free and scientifically proven alternatives to save lives now and in the future.
Dr Hadwen Trust. Helping to save lives every days. Great charity - great people!!
Fantastic charity in Hitchin. The UK's leading non-animal medical research charity, replacing the use of animals in medical research saving animals from suffering and benefiting human health.
Local supporter says of Dr Hadwen Trust. "Very good work done by concerned people. Great".
A great charity doing splendid work, showing it is not necessary to harm animals.
Dr Hadwen is our hero. Animal suffering - he makes it zero. Our dignity and rights - he protects, from the biggest mammals to the tiny insects
Funds ethical research without torturing animals thus achieving more accurate results to benefit humankind.
The DHT takes a constructive stand on vivisection as opposed to simply albeit understandably, a protest stand. The DHT seeks cures through true science as opposed to the archaic cruel vivisection business
The work done by DHT is very important and they work hard to ensure that their vision is met. What a great charity
They are doing everything they can to promote non animal research into disease. Thereby saving millions of animals unnecessary suffering and making medical treatments safer and more effective for us humans.
Wonderful work in on-animal research proving that outdated animal testing is unnecessary.
It tells the truth as most experiments conducted on animals are not relevant to human illnesses. It actively supports research into reliable alternatives. I am totally against testing on animals .I'd give it five stars!
I love the fact that the Dr Hadwen Trust is conducting medical research without the use of animals. Producing cosmetics, household products and medicines without animal suffering has got to be the greatest goal in a humane society.
I feel so proud to be part of an organisation that focuses on solutions rather than problems. DHT Seems able to understand the fact that animal experiments have been part of the evolution of medical research but now strides forward in supporting alternative solutions for a modern world. It's no longer neccessary to have to choose between being "For" or "Against" medical research involving animals, as they offering alternatives.
So many animal lovers focus on the atrocities or problems of animal abuse, which is a negative vibration. The Dr Hadwen Trust focuses on solutions to animal abuse, which is a much more positive vibration, and will help animals enormously. Always think about solutions, and not problems!
Dr Hadwen Trust is a marvellous charity which is working hard to replace the use of animals in medical experiments with more modern methods.This will have the effect of reducing huge suffering of animals and be beneficial to people too as many experts say that non-animal experiments are much more effective.Their work is therefore of huge importance and deserves to be recognised.
The Dr. Hadwen Trust is a charity that funds and promotes non-animal techniques to replace animal experiments. Their work develops reliable science whilst avoiding animal testing. Projects receiving funding from the Dr. Hadwen Trust range from epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, breast and skin cancer, meningitis, asthma, diabetes and drug testing, to arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, lung injury, whooping cough, vaccine testing, dentistry, heart disease, tropical illness, fetal development, brain tumors and AIDS.
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