Artography Make an Impression at Concordia Theatre Hinckley
27th January 2010
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It’s been really great working with the Concordia Theatre team (what a lovely group of dedicated people) and having the opportunity to capture some of the great images from the shows at the theatre that can be seen on display in the theatre's Spotlight Bar.

The latest show to be photographed was the fantastic Pantomime ‘Puss in Boots’ and I went along to the dress rehearsal with all my photgraphy kit and sat quietly taking shots of the cast members doing what they do best.  It’s quite difficult to take photographs in a theatre because of the lighting, which is very low for photography and of course, ever changing.  The use of a camera Flash is also out of the question as the photography needs to be discreet so as not to distract the cast members.  There is also the difficulty of trying to freeze the action and this is hardest when the scene is fast moving especially during the dance numbers.

The photgraphic solution for me was to use my 70-200 zoom camera lens.  This is a fantastic lens for zooming in on the scene to capture the expressions of the characters and all without having to move from my seat.  This of course enables me to shoot discreetly, very important at this kind of venue.  The last thing I would want is to be told off mid-way through the show ......Ooh no I wouldn’t!

My chosen camera lens also provided me with the option to shoot really 'wide open' at F2.8 (this means shooting at the largest aperture possible to allow more light into the lens in poor light conditions).  It really has been very enjoyable and a technical challenge photographically to do something a little different that is outside of my comfort zone and regular photographic work of weddings and portraits.  I can honestly say it is actually quite refreshing to take photographs without having to pose, direct and interact with the subject but to just watch the show unfold in front of me and shoot to my hearts content.

I look forward to taking photographing of the shows in 2010 including Fawlty Towers and Pirates of Penzance – watch this space.

Use this link if you would like to view all of the final shots from the pantomime.

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