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Health without drugs? Boost your body’s natural defences with bioresonance therapy in Hoddesdon EN11.

Do you or members of your family suffer with prolonged tiredness, persistent colds or infections?

Maybe niggling aches and pains are causing ongoing misery? Many of us recognise that our bodies are ‘trying to tell us something’ but we can’t quite work out what it is.

Rather than resorting to painkillers to deal with the short-term symptoms, or maybe a range of ‘cold remedies’ which don’t quite do the trick, perhaps it is time you considered a safe, non-invasive alternative to get you back on track?

If so, bioresonance could be just what you’re looking for…



 What is bioresonance?

Bioresonance is the use of electro-magnetic waves to help the human body’s 47 main systems and organs to function at their optimum level.

Each system and organ has its own specific frequency – a bit like a radio station — and when they are tuned correctly, everything works well.

However, when your body is slightly ‘out of tune’ it can lead to some organs and systems performing poorly.

This is when a variety of illnesses can take hold – sometimes with serious consequences.

Business Process Technologies (BPT) Web Wellness provides testing and harmonisation bioresonance devices, which can help to identify what your body’s ‘trying to tell you’ and to help restore the correct frequencies for your body’s systems and organs.



How does bioresonance therapy work?

Using the Life Expert Profi testing device, each system and organ can be scanned to show whether there is under-performance or inflammation.

In just a few minutes, the device can generate a report containing information on the performance of your body. It is also possible to review food intolerances and the effectiveness of many ‘remedies’ and supplements.

Based on these results, a tailored harmonisation program can start to address the issues identified over time.

When more in depth attention is required, one of BPT’s doctors can do further analysis and recommend appropriate actions or specific programs for your individual circumstances.

Life Expert Profi is not a medical device, so it can be used at home without a doctor's prescription.

You can monitor your body on a daily basis by doing rapid screening at your own convenience. This way you can generate your own individual program to help protect you from viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, as well as restoring your immune system.



Can bioresonance fit around my busy lifestyle?

Not everyone has the time to be connected to the Life Expert Profi device for bioresonance therapy, so BPT has developed its unique Life Balance device allowing bioresonance ‘on the move’.

The device has taken the market by storm and can be worn on a lanyard around your neck, in your pocket, on a belt or even by your pillow at night.

Operating at lower frequencies than the Profi device, Life Balance allows you to safely address issues including:

  • Parasites (we all have some)
  • Allergies to environmental factors
  • Sleep disorders
  • Aches and pains
  • Colds and flu recovery
  • Detoxing – and much more.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be technically minded to use the Life Balance device.

It is pre-programmed with many programs:

  • to help detox the body, eliminate certain infections and strengthen immunity
  • to help regulate and harmonise the body’s normal daily functions
  • plus a general purpose Energy program to combat fatigue.

Tailored programs based on the body scan results, or from a BPT doctor, can be easily inputted into the Life Balance device, so these programs can also be used ‘on the move’.


Are electro-magnetic waves safe?

Used at the pre-programmed frequencies and power levels, BPT devices are perfectly safe and harmless to humans.

As an authorised BPT Business Partner, Pam Charman will be happy to demonstrate how the Life Expert Profi and Life Balance devices work and show you what a difference bioresonance can make to your ongoing health.

For more information, please call or text Pam on 07815 767077, or send an email using the link below. 

Please don’t wait until you have a serious issue before taking action to improve your health! Prevention is always better than cure!


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