Would You Take A Dive?
8th October 2012
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Luis Suarez is being seen as the evil villain at the moment for taking a dive to try and win a penalty. He may be seen as even more evil than Ashley Cole and John Terry. So what is worse making racists comments, telling lies for a friend or cheating to win an advantage. Would any of us do this in business? Well you certainly wouldn't make racist comments in business. You might lie for a friend but it wouldn't be sensible to lie in business. Mind you some businessmen do stretch things a bit. However would you "take a dive" if you thought that it would improve your chances of winning an advantage in business? What I mean by taking a dive is would you cheat on a customer or a business rival to gain an advantage. Many businesses do try and take advantage of customers naievity. There's the garage that informs you that to pass your MOT that you need work done when actually there is nothing wrong with your car. There is the dentist who actully does more fillings than are needed. There is the banker who invests in risky trades and tells you that your money is secure. We all know of have heard of examples where customers have been fooled by businesses "taking a dive"

I suppose that "taking a dive" is really taking a short cut to success by cheating. Often the hardest thing to do is to stay on your feet, wriggle free of the defender and score a goal. In business this would be avoiding cheating the customer and delivering service above and beyond what is expected. Believe me in the the long run your business does not want to have a Luis Suarez reputation! 

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