Sue Ryder Big Wigs Challenge
25th January 2010
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Big Wigs Overview

Big Wigs is an entrepreneurial challenge that involves giving teams, within companies (and/or individuals), a crisp £50.00 note and setting them a challenge – the challenge is to take the £50.00 note and, over a four month period, raise as much as they can from this original £50.00, giving it back to the Charity with substantial interest at the end of the four months. 

We do not suggest what the teams/individuals do with the money, we just want them to think of ways to make it grow (that are legal and ethical, of course).

The team/individual who raises the most will be crowned Sue Ryder Care – Nettlebed Hospice’s Charity Entrepreneur of the Year.  

Teams/Individuals could have one major fundraising event or several smaller ones (for example - go for a run or walk, or set themselves an ingenious challenge) – whatever suits the team/individual involved.

  Big Wigs is:-                 
1 A cost effective team building tool. 
2 Simple and easy to implement
3 Creates potential PR opportunities
4 A potentially effective Marketing tool
5 A positive networking tool
6 A combined teambuilding and project based, potential skills building tool  

Teams also get the opportunity to have some free business coaching sessions by professional business mentor, Peter Robinson, sponsor of the Big Wigs Challenge.

The Awards that teams/individuals can win through Big Wigs are:

• The Sue Ryder Care – Nettlebed Hospice Charity Entrepreneur/s of the Year
• Most Innovative Idea
• The Teamwork Award
• Most Inspiring Individual or Team

The Challenge is launched in April with a major launch ceremony taking place at Sue Ryder Care – Nettlebed Hospice.  Teams/Individuals are given their £50.00 notes and listen to presentations by key sponsor Peter Robinson, a representative of Sue Ryder Care and also guest speakers from local well known businesses.

The teams/individuals all have an account manager from Sue Ryder Care, who supports them throughout the challenge and helps with any questions, queries or concerns.

At the end of the four month period, all Teams/Individuals return for an Award Ceremony where their amazing fundraising activities are celebrated and Awards given.

1. *Terms and Conditions apply
2. *Although we endeavour to generate PR opportunities, we cannot guarantee any press coverage.
3. *These can change from year to year








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