19th October 2016
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A love of the river was the catalyst that led two local women to pen their debut novel, Riverside Lane.

Julia Thum, who handles the PR for Henley’s Rivertime Boat Trust and journalist, Gaynor Pengelly met at the school gates and dreamed up the plot whilst walking their dogs along the Thameside path.

With 1000 copies pre-sold, their novel will be on national release from 1st November. Riverside Lane is a tautly paced page-turner that gently satirises middleclass English manners, whilst set against the exquisite backdrop of a Thame-side village.

Writing under the pseudonym, Ginger Black, the authors will be signing books that will be available for purchase at Boatique, Friday Street, Henley between 6pm and 8.3pm on Thursday 20thOctober. Admission is free.  

Gillian Nahum (Director) at Boatique says: ‘We are delighted to be the first to showcase Riverside Lane in Henley. The book is a perfect fit for us, it even has one of our boats on the front cover!’

Gaynor Pengelly says: ‘As two busy working mothers, writing Riverside Lane was a case of squeezing meetings between work and everyday life. Our novel was written walking our dogs along the Thames in Henley, Marlow and Bray. Sitting at the kitchen table over pots of tea, at the supermarket where we could be found among the aisles discussing murders, stalkers and scandals.  Luckily we weren’t arrested!’

Co-author, Julia Thum urges ‘would-be’ authors to give novel writing a go, she says: ‘Our route to publication was not easy, but working as a team helped us to spur each other on.’

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Riverside Lane by Ginger Black is published by the Momentum Publishing Company.




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