Making A Splash
9th March 2011
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Making a Splash: A Reflected World
- From the roof of the Savoy to the banks of Windsor -
 - Exhibition: From 2 April until 30 May 2011-

Second Sight on the River, a new exhibition at the River & Rowing Museum, Henley-on-Thames, explores the river from commanding heights and unique perspectives. Dedicated to his vision of the Thames as a reflected world, West London based artist Richard Colson creates vibrant canvasses that evoke atmosphere and the immediacy of movement. This exhibition joins two other river-themed exhibitions at the museum: Escaping the City and Port Henley.
Artist’s workshop: Richard Colson will be holding a workshop “Making a Splash” on 16 April at the Museum. Using watercolour techniques, participants will learn how to create ripple effects and collaborate to form a unique, large-scale artwork. All are welcome. Booking is essential.
 Richard Colson is a contemporary artist whose work has been exhibited in over 30 galleries and is in the Palace of Westminster. Inspired by the Impressionists’ technique of painting water, Colson’ artwork reflects the dynamism of the river in the backdrop of the City’s changing landscape. His determination to paint the river from new vantage points has led him to gain access to some of Britain’s most famous landmarks including the roof of the Savoy Hotel, Somerset House and the Headquarters of Royal Dutch Shell. From braving extreme weather conditions to dizzying heights from the roof of Millbank Tower, Colson has been unrelenting in his pursuit to capture fleeting fragments of life reflected in the water’s surface.
 The exhibition links two other exhibitions at the River & Rowing Museum, Escaping the City and Port Henley, which reveal the importance of the Thames from the Victorian era up to the present day. Escaping the City features one of James Tissot’s most famous works, ‘On the Thames’ (1876), presenting the river as a means of escape from the pollution, chaos and smog of industrial London.
 Richard Colson, artist said: “I am very exciting to be holding my first exhibition and workshop at the River & Rowing Museum. “The river has been such an inspiring subject throughout my career as a painter. Each tiny variation of light and atmosphere changes its surface so dramatically. The difficulty of sketching outdoors and developing work in the studio remains my greatest practical challenge, particularly when conveying the immediacy of movement. ”
 Paul Mainds, Trustee and Chief Executive, River & Rowing Museum said: “The exhibition links Escaping the City and Port Henley in a dynamic presentation of one of the Museum’s foremost themes – The River Thames. Colson’s natural eye for composition, skilfully captured light-play and masterly handling of the paint all add up to a vivid, engaging portrayal of the river. We are delighted that Colson will also be running a watercolour workshop, Making a Splash, at a time when traditional preconceptions of watercolour are being challenged.”


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