London to Paris Bike Ride Training
4th May 2010
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Not much training for my charity bike ride this last week as it was Gill's big birthday on Thursday, and we had a party on Friday at Luscombes. By the way we can thoroughly recommend Luscombes, the food was fantastic as was the service. Reading Beer Festival on Saturday. However I did get in a short spin to Nettlebed and back on my new Bianchi road bike. This was the first time that I have been out on my new bike, getting used to the fixed pedals and new gear changes. Really enjoyed the ride, realising how fast you can go downhill on a road bike. Scary!!

I need to start to put in more miles now. Have had a couple of offers from friends to go out cycling with. These are much appreciated but sometimes I just enjoy the solitude of a bike ride on your own. My plan is to maybe do two short evening rides and then a longer one at the weekend. Combine this with a spinning class on Monday and a general gym session on Thursday should continue to help my preparation for my July charity ride from London to Paris. I will probably need to complete a few back to back longer rides to get used to getting back on the bike when I'm sore and tired! Also the cricket season starts on Saturday. I keep wicket for Henley IV's. A long bike ride after keeping wicket would be hard on the thighs.

That's it for this week hope to have completed a ride to Oxford and back soon. That's about 50 miles in all and rather picturesque.

Happy Cycling, Phil

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