Henley Bi-election
23rd May 2008
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It looks like after the Conservatives big win in Crewe last night that there will be a snap by election in Henley. Boris Johnson is expected to resign the seat soon and we could have an election by the end of June. Obviously Henley is an extremely safe seat for the Conservatives but here on the best of Henley-on-Thames blog we would like to hear your views. Do you have a strong view on local or national interests? Do you know who our condidates are going to be? Please keep your views reasonable and we will try to get an interesting blog going on our Henley By Election.

Some of the topics that you might want to debate on local issues.

1) Rubbish collection and the council tax

2) Local environment including air quality

3) The local economy and transport issues. My biggest moan as a cyclist is the state of our roads and potholes in very dangerous positions for cyclists. Speed limits locally-should they be 20mph?

4) Flood protection-is anything really being done after last summers floods?

I will add to this list but if you have an issue that you would like answered by our candidates please post it on here and we will see what we can do.

Please be polite and rspect other peoples' opinions and no bad language.

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