CTC Aspire of Henley-on-Thames Launches Great Value Personal Websites
13th July 2011
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CTC-Aspire Launches Personal Websites

CTC-Aspire (UK), the company that launched the CTC-aspire website platform in January this year, has announced the addition of a completely new and unique product aimed at personal users. To mark its 15th anniversary in Henley-on-Thames, Chris Wellings, founder, owner and CEO of the company, is pleased to announce the Personal Edition Website. Typically such a system would cost several hundred pounds to set up and host. CTC-Aspire's introductory offer makes this available for just £55 per year. That's incredible value for money.


CTC-Aspire's Personal Edition website aims to give professional men and women their own website and domain name to provide a central point of reference for all their online accounts, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It comes with a choice of 20 attractive designs, up to 10 pages of content, a blog, integrated social media links and the ability to add virtually any type of content through a sophisticated content management system.


When asked why people might buy a personal website, Chris Wellings said:


"A personal website means different things to different people. To a busy executive in a top UK company, it means having his own website and personal email address to provide a focal point for friends and colleagues to communicate with him. Simply owning your own domain can make a powerful statement about who you are.


"For the up-and-coming business professional, it brings all his or her social media accounts into one place, Facebook, Twitter etc., making it easier to share this information with the business person's contacts list.


"For other people of course it is simply a little bit of fun - a personal website with a funky design. Everyone will want one!"

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