Can Everybody Hear!
25th March 2011
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Nothing could be more obvious, could it? If you are making a presentation, you want all your audience to experience every bit of it.


But there have been two local events recently (organised by others, of course!) which fell dpwn in this respect.


At one, the speaker illustrated her theme with video extracts from a well known musical group. The video player had a built in loudspeaker, but it was not powerful enough to be heard properly by a room full of people (especially as bodies mop up sound), so much of the effect was lost. A supplementary speaker (costing peanuts to hire) would have solved the problem.


On the second occasion, the speaker had the benefit of a fairly sophisticated PA system, and could be heard perfectly, but at the end of her talk, she invited feed-back from members of the audience, and their comments could not be heard. The silly thing was that the PA operator had on his desk a radio microphone which could have been passed round and would have sorted things. But nobody thought to use it.


The motto, to paraphrase an old saying:- 'Don't spoil your presentation for a ha'porth of the right equipment'.

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