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One thing will never change, that is the need to take your eyesight seriously and have it checked regularly.

Spectacles have been passive devices for a long time, often worn with some reluctance. Small wonder, for many years Frame choice was frankly pretty boring, lenses were made of Glass which was often heavy and uncomfortable for the wearer. All of which made for a poor experience, people who wore glasses, especially children, would rather not have had to do so.

Colour and type no object!

15 September 2020 18:18

A customer with Glasses for every conceivable occasion...

Driving and Visual Deterioration

A study in Common Sense and Road Safety.

Looking Good, Thanks to Eyemasters of Hastings!

Eyemasters of Hastings is our local innovative supplier of bespoke eyewear.

Owned and personally operated by Richard Smith who established Eyemasters over twenty years ago, Eyemasters is a manufacturing optician and a highly regarded supplier of individually styled glasses frames.

The curse of the digital age is our relentless and growing focus on screens

Although the current Covid 19 Pandemic has dramatically curtailed routine visits to Health providers such as Opticians, it has also provided us with some time to consider ‘stuff’ that we normally simply don’t have time for.


33 MILLION MOTORISTS... That's how many UK drivers there are, and you share our system of connected potholes with them.

The right glasses can transform your quality of life.

And taking the time to make sure it's right is even better!

Infinite Gray Polarised Photochromatic lenses

What sunglass lens do I need to deal with the Indian sun?


19 September 2018 14:41


Drivers are still responsible for the self-regulation of their eyesight

Drivers are still responsible for the self-regulation of their eyesight - 92% of licence holders believe they can see perfectly well and up to standard, but 66% don’t know what that standard is.

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