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An all-round fabulous person, running an incredible business that is going from strength to strength, while bringing together a more cohesive community of shops, products and services. Thank you, Chris!
The passion Chris has for supporting local businesses is admirable. He offers such a personal service too. We'd 100% recommend Town City Cards to any business or any shopper!
Amazing initiative that not only supports local busninesses but save you money at the same time!! A+
1066 card is an excellent initiative that supports local businesses as well as offering visitors and residents discounts for various attractions, shops, restaurants etc... The savings are excellent and the cards are top notch value for money.
This company is revolutionary, providing gain for all three parties? The buisiness partner, the customer and Town City Cards all profit from this, genius and convenient.
The 1066 Card is a fantastic way for local businesses to thrive and for holders of the card to benefit from the many discounts and promotions. Supporting local business. Wholeheartedly recommend.
Chris at 1066 is great not only for his excellent money saving card but the reason why he started it in the first place is commendable. Everyone should have a 1066 card it’s a no brainer!
I love the fact that Town City Cards helps small independent businesses and also, as a social enterprise, helps people who are struggling. Lots to love about this business
Brilliant, you can use them in so many places. It really encourages people to shop local
Amazing card with amazing benefits lots of discounts at variety of place has helped save me money. And enjoy a variety of places. Keep the choices coming.
Perfect service every time and its an absolute pleasure to be associated with such a great service
This small business put hard-earned money back in peoples pockets and helps grow the local economy, small businesses are benefiting from the 1066 card and the people of 1066 country are exploring a variety of businesses rather than shopping online or staying at home to watch Netflix. This really is the "Key to the City". Great work!
1066 cards has been a revelation for Hastings, when We moved here a year ago we did not have a clue of where to go. Hastings cards advertised so many good things to do and see in Hastings and Bexhill including restuarants and fun things for kids. What a great idea! Not only great for newcomers the discounts are a great treat for long time residents too. Keep up the good work 1066 card member for life. Wonderful way to explore Hastings.
No other organisation does more to promote local businesses than Hastings' Town City Cards
I love using the loyalty card in East Sussex. It saves me a ton of cash with the kids, everyone should be using Town City Cards. Thanks again.
For both business meetings and family nights out, Town City Cards has been a great help in saving money at local cafés, restaurants, and services. Perhaps even more valuably, TCC has enabled me to branch out, meet new people, treat friends to a free drink or meal, and experience more of what the local community has to offer while supporting the creative efforts of local businesses.
Chris is amazing. He’s friendly, kind and generous. He has put an amazing amount of time and energy into getting a wonderful deal for he cards so there will always be a great and relevant deal for card users. Very worth the small cost of the cards. Keep going Chris!
I went to an event laid on by Town City Cards at Mama Putts Afro-Caribbean restaurant in St Leonards-on-Sea. It was fantastic! A great networking opportunity with very tasty food and reasonable prices. I got to use my new Town City Card - YAY! Chris works very hard at putting these events together so - thank you Chris!
Chris pays attention to detail - this innovative way of offering incentives to purchasers will certainly be of benefit to what I do...he deserves to succeed, especially as the cost to local businesses is zero, what do you have to lose?
Thanks to Chris from 1066/Hastings Card for organising today's Breakfast gathering Everyone had a lovely breakfast and great feedback again for Sizzlers Cafe and Grill well worth checking them out at and they take the cards as well as well them for just £8. Cash payment thou and always good if wanting there traditional pie mash liquor to call a hour at least before as can get very busy . Great morning See you all soon.
Just purchased my 1066 card today after being recommended how great they are by a friend. Have already booked our first family day out with it for my daughters birthday this weekend and saved already. looking forward to getting lots of use out of my new card : )
Great card! Helps save pennies and is applicable at a variety of places. Certainly a worthwhile purchase. :)
A brilliant concept delivered with passion and professionalism. Town City Cards is a win win for both business's and the consumer. Thank you for your vision, for then following through and setting it up and may all business's get involved. As a customer I love my card. Who doesn't want to save money and support local?
I got my Hailsham Card a twenty two days ago and have used it wherever I have been able. So far I have saved £32.36 by spending in 7 shops across 2 towns in just 6 different days. Indeed, the Town City Card, as it is generically known, is town-to-town transferable. Currently used in Battle, Eastbourne, Hastings, Hailsham, Bexhill, St Leonards, Rye, Uckfield, Kent & Sussex. Hailsham is the proud owner of its very own discount card. The brainchild of Chris Beveridge from TownCityCards, the idea is such a fabulous concept it was even backed by Mary Portas, Queen of Shops. Hailsham is a lovely little town. It has kept its market town status since the beginning of time and there are some really lovely facts about Hailsham which set it apart from other towns. The only thing that other Town City Cards have over the Hailsham Card is that is doesn’t share a coastal location, but I think Hailsham’s history and charm make up for that in a big way. One thing I found surprising (and, might I add, really worthwhile joining Hailsham Card for), is that one of my favourite services is actually on the Hailsham Card I wasn’t aware of before joining, so not only do I enjoy visitIng my local beautician for my monthly massages and facials, but now I get 10% off - all for getting the card. Otium Body Piercing which is a really popular body piercing shop in the town have just come on board with a 10% discount. Check out the app or the website for more of your favourite shops, suppliers and services. How do I join? Download the TownCityCards App (available on both Apple and Android) and find your favourite businesses. The best way to find a Hailsham Card is to contact your favourite business and ask if they have any Hailsham Cards (they will cost £10 each for one year) and I have already saved over £30 in a six shopping days without even trying - there’s nothing to lose by not getting one. More and more businesses are signing up to the Hailsham Card which means more savings for you from your favourite shops and suppliers and more community-minded shopping. My drive is the Shop Local aspect and think it’s really important to support our local tradespeople, service providers, shops and businesses. An advantage is that the Hailsham Card (Town City Card) is its versatility. During a recent visit to a neighbouring town’s pub and talking to colleagues about the card, I have successfully persuaded three more people to purchase a discount card after having made a saving every time I bought a round of drinks. I do believe more publicity is required in order to make the Town City Card more widely known - the more people know about it, the more local businesses will sign up, the more savings will be made, the happier people will be supporting their favourites. I really cannot rate this card highly enough. Hailsham Shop Local are proud supporters and are passionately driving the Hailsham Card and Town City Card ethos to make it more widely known which will support the network of local businesses.
This card gets discounts at lots of local businesses. Thoroughly recommended
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