Hastings and St Leonards Dementia Action Alliance
  • Jackson Hall
    TN34 1QN
Hastings and St Leonards Dementia Action Alliance aim make Hastings and St Leonards-on-Sea more dementia friendly through education, communication and liaison.

Hastings and St Leonard's Dementia Action Alliance

Established in 2014, the Hastings and St Leonards Dementia Action Alliance works “to help people living with dementia to feel confident to go about their daily lives, in the knowledge that they will be treated with understanding and a 'helping hand' if they need it”.

With the number of people living with dementia growing, the aim of this incredible charity is to:

  • create a 'dementia friendly community' in Hastings and St Leonards
  • engage the whole Hastings and St Leonards community in the pursuit of this aim
  • increase awareness and understanding of dementia
  • offer briefings and basic information to shops, businesses and community groups
  • establish a network of support and information within Hastings and St Leonard’s
  • signpost those in need of support to sources of help and guidance. 

How You Can Help 

It is important to encourage awareness of dementia in the town so that people  (e.g. business owners, shop keepers, bus drivers, taxi drivers etc) who come into contact with a person with dementia are confident to deal with anything that may arise.  

The Hastings and St Leonards Dementia Action Alliance are asking for representatives from businesses to become “Dementia Friends”, this will involve attending a 45 minute session that will explain the possible scenarios you may encounter when you meet a person with dementia and will demonstrate how to provide reassurance and support. 

Please join Hastings and St Leonards Dementia Action Alliance and help them make this happen.

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