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Have you made a Will? Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, talk to MVL Wills & Trusts Ltd - they offer professional Will Writing Services in Hastings.

MVL Wills & Trusts Ltd

Investing in your family's future is the most important investment you can make.

When it comes to putting appropriate and bespoke estate planning in place, MVL Wills & Trusts are on hand to guide you through the process.

They will support you throughout the process of writing your Will, helping you understand all the different elements for consideration and leading you through the entire process.


Having a Will in place isn't about being morbid or worrying about impending doom. It's a practical approach to ensuring all your wishes are met and your estate doesn't go to the wrong people... or even to the state. Writing your Will means your loved ones will be the ones to benefit from the inheritance of your property and other assets, and also that your wishes with regards to dependant children will be adhered to.

No Will in place means:

  • The estate is open to dispute which could then cause lengthy delays for your beneficiaries while it's being resolved
  • Your Civil Partner or spouse does not automatically benefit from your estate 
  • Common Law partners may not be entitled to any of your estate 
  • There is no certainty that those who you would wish to benefit will actually do so
  • There's a risk of children going into care until Guardians are appointed by the state
Get peace of mind that your estate will be properly distributed in the event of your death by having your Will planned and prepared professionally. 


Trusts are designed to protect children's inheritance for the future. Your children and grandchildren can benefit completely from the inheritance you want them to receive through the strategic use of Trusts which can also protect the family home and other assets from being lost to the costs of Long Term Care.

Without being in Trust, assets run the risk of being affected in the future by:

  • Inheritance Tax bills
  • Divorce or separation settlements of future generations
  • Creditors or Bankruptcy claims
  • Money leaving the family line due to remarriage. 

Lasting Power of Attorney 

There may come a time in the future when you find you are unable to manage your financial affairs and need someone to do so on your behalf. This could be due to injury or illness and if it does happen, legally it's not as simple as having a family member step in to take over.
One solution is to put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place in advance of anything going wrong. 
There are 3 different types of Lasting Power of Attorney that you could consider:
  • Health & Welfare - this covers personal welfare which considers where they live, what care they receive and any other healthcare issues. It can only be called upon if the LPA has been registered and the donor is unable to make decisions for themselves.
  • Property & Financial Affairs -this option covers decisions around finances and property. Restrictions that are legally binding can be included with this option.
  • Business affairs - this option will mean your business operations can continue to run smoothly and business responsibilities can be taken care of. 
MVL Wills & Trusts are proud of providing an exceptional service based on honesty, integrity and industry knowledge. Working in a friendly, non-pressured and relaxed manner, the team ensure that their client’s needs and wishes are always their main priority.
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