Jo Hodgson - Family Lawyer
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If you are looking for a professional in Family Law in Hastings, you should talk to Jo Hodgson - Family Lawyer, she can help with divorce, child custody and access, property division, spousal support, and many other challenges.


Jo Hodgson - Family Lawyer 
Specialist in Family Law in Hastings

Family law is always incredibly personal, so you need to know that the solicitor you are working with understands your situation, as well as the specific challenges and complications involved in your case. 

I am Jo Hodgson, a solicitor with over 22 years working in family law. I have worked all over the South East and London, helping clients just like you with divorce, child custody and access, property division, spousal support,  and many other challenges.

We all go through difficult times in our lives, and there’s no easy way to end a relationship. You may even be feeling powerless and alone right now. But you’re not alone. 

Family Lawyer in Hastings 

When you appoint a family lawyer, you want to know that they have the best interests of your family at heart; after all, family law is undeniably personal. That’s why I ensure my clients feel heard, respected and understood at all times, preparing them to make informed, albeit difficult, decisions regarding the future of their family. 

I operate as a Consultant Solicitor with Taylor Rose MW, meaning you’ll always have my complete and undivided focus, as the admin and paperwork are handled by head office. My clients enjoy working with me, despite the circumstances, thanks to my friendly, personable style. I treat my clients like family. 

My job as your solicitor is to offer you clear, expert advice and help you plan a clear strategic path forward. So, when you’re ready to close one chapter, and begin the next chapter of your life, I’ll be there to hold your hand throughout. 

Call now if you’d like to book a free 15-minute call to find out how I can help.

Why Choose Jo Hodgson - Family Lawyer?

  • You’ll receive personal service with me dealing with your case from start to finish (apart from certain Court hearings that may require a barrister).
  • Your case will be fully insured by Taylor Rose MW Ltd
  • You will be completely protected by the Law Society 

If you are looking for a lawyer specialising in Family Law, talk to Jo Hodgson today.

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