How a speech therapist won the war
12th January 2011
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After what seems weeks of advertising and hype we are finally allowed to see "The Kings Speech" and what a treat it is. 

Mrs W and I get to go to the cinema about once a month (no coincidence that tonight is a Wednesday as we're both cheapskates and our mobile supplier is so generous). 

Anyhooo - as many of you know we're waiting for the hour/minute when Mrs W finally enters the final stages of her pregnancy and we thought we'd go and see if Colin Firth could induce what I don't seem to have managed.

As a way of bringing about the start of labour, the film is a failure (although it did make her cry). 

As a brilliant piece of cinema, it's a triumph. Engagingly played, sensitively paced and absorbing from the first to the last moment. The idea of framing matters of such extraordinary importance (the future of the free world) within such a personal and intimate issue is an inspired poiece of storytelling. 

If all you want is to bring on the onset of labour (hello rest of NCT class btw!) then it's not really recommended - try a horror flick.

For a banging night out and an excruciating insight into the plight of the inbred and emotionally undernourished - it is highly recommended.

Others will have written more eloquent reviews and give long lists of cast and performance appraisal, but I just wanted to say what a great film it is and hope that if you can make the time to go and see.

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